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How to resolve issues with Binance 2FA?

If you are a Binance exchange user and facing difficulties in completing the Binance 2FA then you have visited the right page as this read is going to tell you the ways to fix the Binance 2FA problems. The solutions for the Binance login two-factor authentication problem are not so difficult. If you have access to the registered phone number and email address then you can quickly access your account by applying the tips that we have mentioned below on this page.

Tips to fix the Binance 2FA issues

The smart tips will help you to resolve the two-factor authentication issues quickly. All you need to do is follow the tips carefully.

  • Check the mobile network status on your Android device or iPhone

  • If the network is not available on your phone then try to turn on the Airplane mode and then turn it off after a short while

  • If your device is still out of network then try to restart your device

  • You can also check the registered SIM is inserted into your mobile or not

Note: In case you have lost access to the mobile number which you have used while enabling the two-factor authentication then you need to contact the Binance support team to regain access to your Binance login account.

Way to contact Binance Support

Contacting Binance support is not a hard nut to crack. You can find the Binance support phone number, email address, and other options to contact them by visiting the “Contact Us” page. After connecting a call with the Binance support agent, you need to speak about the issue that you are facing currently. The agent will provide one-time access after getting the proper details from you.


To sum up, for security and safety of the user funds and data, Binance denies the request to access the Binance login account, if the 2FA is enabled in the account. However, you can bypass 2FA by approaching different solutions. The tips to bypass the Binance two-factor authentication feature are given above on this page. If you have lost access to the mobile number that is linked with two-factor authentication then you need to regain access by contacting your SIM card provider.

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